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Buying a home is a unique opportunity to personalize a space as your own and make a great investment. The buying process involves a series of decisions filled with excitement and anticipation. My job and my primary goal is to find the right home for you and to make your home buying experience comfortable, efficient, stress-free and informative. From start to finish, great real estate service is about understanding your customer's needs and attention to detail. I start by doing a basic needs assessment to develop parameters about what you want and need. This information helps me research and qualify homes that will be of interest to you. As a buyer's agent, my services are of no cost to you; all fees are paid by the seller at closing.

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Seller's Information

Successful homes sales are the result of proper pricing, an intelligent marketing strategy and optimal property presentation. I help my clients prepare their property to achieve the highest sale price possible within a time frame that meets their selling objectives. The Pre-selling Process – once you've decided to sell your home it needs to be in the best shape possible. "Staging" or making your home appeal to many potential buyers should help your home sell more quickly as well as a higher sales price. "Staging" is setting the scene to enhance all aspects of your home. Increase the appeal and emotion of buyers as they arrive at your home. I've prepared an easy-to-follow guide to help you begin to prepare your house for sale.

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